At the beginning of each calendar year, the Board of Qudos Bank meets and reviews its committees and leadership positions in line with the strategic needs of the organisation. During this process in January, I was honoured to be nominated and elected as Qudos Bank’s Chair, with Jennifer Dalitz elected as Deputy Chair.

Having worked in the banking industry for 46 years, I became a Director of Qudos Bank in 2021 and have served as a member of the Risk Committee. In this time, I have been inspired by the powerful customer-focused approach of the board and the company, striving to represent the best interests of the customer who are our owners. I thank the Board for their support and will endeavour to continue the tremendous work that our outgoing Chair Barry Jackson has been able to achieve during his time at the helm.

I’m also honoured to welcome Jennifer Dalitz as Deputy Chair of the Board. Jen was appointed as a Director of Qudos Bank in 2019 and has served as a member of the Governance & Remuneration Committee and Chair of the Risk Committee. She brings extensive strategic and operational experience in financial services and management consulting, and will no doubt continue to deliver excellence in her new position.

I’m looking forward to what will be a momentous year for Qudos Bank. The Australian Banking industry continues to face a rapid pace of change in technology, community expectations, and regulations, all of which bring both opportunities and risk. We’re committed to meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers, striving to deliver the value products and services you’ve come to expect. That’s why in 2023, the business will be beginning a  transformation that will ultimately redefine our future strategy and provide clearer brand positioning and identity, allowing us to deliver increased value and instil repeated confidence in from our customers.

As always, we will continue to keep you informed of developments important to the future of your bank.

I would like to acknowledge and express gratitude to our outgoing Chair of the Qudos Bank Board, Barry Jackson. Barry has been a Qudos Bank Director since 2015, serving not only as Chair of the Board, but also holding positions as Chair of the Governance & Remuneration and Technology Committees and a member of the Audit Committee. Barry’s valuable contribution to the oversight and governance of Qudos Bank cannot be understated.

I’d also like to recognise and thank outgoing Deputy Chair Andrew Leithhead for his contributions to the Board and to Qudos Bank. A Qudos Bank Director since 2017, Andrew has had a significant impact on the Board and his service as a member of the Governance & Remuneration and Risk Committees, in addition to his crucial role as Deputy Chair. Thank you Andrew for all you have done.

We are honoured that both Barry and Andrew will continue to serve on the Board as Directors, providing ongoing leadership to the Bank.

Finally, I’d like to give thanks to you, our members, for your ongoing support of Qudos Bank as we move into the new year. I’m grateful for this opportunity to contribute to the progress and transformation of Qudos Bank into a truly for purpose customer owned business and am looking forward to delivering on our strategic goals and vision for 2023 and beyond.


Rodney Watson

Qudos Bank



Published Friday, 3 February 2023