AGM event details

Date: Tuesday 28 November 2023
Time: 5.00pm

2023 Notice of AGM

We encourage all eligible Members to participate in this year’s Qudos Mutual Limited (trading as Qudos Bank) Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Your vote shapes our future

As a member, you are not just a customer; you are a vital part of our community. Your vote and active participation help shape the destiny of our organisation. We count on your engagement and support to make informed decisions in the best interest of all our Members. Find out how to vote.

How to participate

This year the AGM will be held as a hybrid meeting, allowing Members the flexibility to attend in person or virtually.

Resolutions that matter

At the heart of this year’s AGM lie important resolutions that will pave the way for our organisations continued growth and prosperity. Your voice, expressed through your vote, holds the power to influence these decisions. Our Board of Directors unanimously supports these resolutions and encourages you to cast your vote in favour of the proposed resolutions.

This year, we bring forth two resolutions for your consideration:

  1. Re-election of retiring Directors: We invite you to review the profiles of our esteemed Directors, Andrew and Joe, in the Explanatory Statement. Your vote ensures that the Board continues to benefit from their expertise.

  2. Directors' Remuneration: To attract and retain highly qualified Directors, it's essential that we adjust Director fees. The proposed resolutions aim to increase Directors' fees to align with industry peers, ensuring that our Board remains competitive and effective in overseeing our operations. Read more about the importance and background of this resolution in our Explanatory Statement.

Our Board is dedicated to maintaining a strong risk management culture and ensuring the Bank operates within established risk parameters. Your vote ensures that we continue to uphold the highest standards of governance, in line with community expectations and regulatory requirements.

We encourage you to read the Notice of AGM and Explanatory Statement for more details on the proposed resolutions and you can vote here.

Submitting questions for the AGM

Members can submit questions for the AGM in two ways:


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