At Qudos Bank, we are committed to ensuring that our products and services are accessible and inclusive for all Australians. If there is information that you require and it is in a format you cannot access, or if you experience any other accessibility difficulties, please contact us.


Our Branches

Our branches offer accessibility features that make visiting easier. To view the accessibility features of your nearest branch, please visit our Branches webpage.


Accessible Ways to Contact Us

If you’re hearing-impaired or speech-impaired, you can contact our customer service team by phone or teletypewriter (TTY) via the National Relay Service (NRS).

To use the NRS to get in contact:

  • For TTY services, call 133 677 and ask for 1300 747 747
  • For voice relay services, call 1300 555 727 and ask for 1300 747 747


Accessible Payment Methods

Qudos Bank customers can use a range of Tap and Pay technologies that we provide, such as Google Pay and Apple Pay to make payments easy. Tap and Pay functionality is not only convenient but it is also a great accessibility tool for payment. Tap and Pay helps enable people with visual impairment or restricted mobility and dexterity to shop safely and independently, as it offers an alternative payment method to the traditional physical inserts of cards.

To use contactless payments, simply hold your Qudos Bank Credit Card or Debit Card near a payment terminal and the card will process the payment.

Qudos Bank card accessibility features

We've enhanced our cards to consider customer feedback and accessibility improvements.

  1. Card numbers and name details are now thermal printed on the back side of the card, mitigating issues with embossing and scratching.
  2. An accessibility notch has been added to the cards to inform customers with visual impairment which end of the card should be inserted into an ATM or merchant terminal.

The front of a Qudos Bank Lifestyle credit card. The design is blue with a big 'Q' part of the Qudos Bank logo. The right side of the card shows a notch.


You can use your Qudos Bank Visa card to withdraw cash (up to $2,000 per card, per day for high limit cards or $200 for low limit cards) or make balance enquiries from these ATMs:

  • ANZ
  • Commonwealth Bank
  • NAB
  • Westpac
  • Bankwest

These ATM networks offer accessible features, including:

  • Audio loops
  • Headphone jacks
  • Text to audio
  • Clear text contrast
  • Minimal screen navigation.

For more information on accessible ATM networks, visit the websites of these financial institutions.


Our Website

If you use a screen reader or assistive technology, you should be able to access most of information on our site.

  • Images

We ensure that we add ALT text to all our images. This way, if you use a screen reader, you will get a better understanding of what’s on the page.

  • Hyperlinks

We aim to ensure that our hyperlinks are descriptive and visually distinct from standard text.

  • PDFs

Our websites uses PDFs often. To best read these you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, or we recommend downloading a tool from the Adobe site that converts PDFs into webpages. Visit to learn more.

  • Accessibility menu

Our website has an accessibility menu that allows you to easily make changes to the font, colour contrast, and highlight website links. To use the accessibility menu click the accessibility icon in the bottom left-hand corner.


Authorising others to operate on your account

You can let us know anytime whether you would like to authorise someone to operate on your accounts (called a signatory) by completing an Authorised Signatory form or by calling 1300 747 747.

Because you are responsible for all transactions made by your signatory, you should ensure that you both know and trust this person completely.

For more information about signatory access please refer to our Terms and Conditions for Savings Accounts and Payment Services.

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