It has come to our attention that scammers are attempting to impersonate our official inbound number, 02 9582 3200.

We want to assure you that this number is designated for inbound calls only, and genuine outbound calls from Qudos Bank will not originate from this line.

To safeguard your security, please take note of the following precautions:

Verify Inbound Calls: If you receive an inbound call claiming to be a Qudos Bank representative and you are in doubt, we recommend terminating the call immediately. you have concerns over the caller’s legitimacy, we recommend you terminate the call immediately and call us back on our official numbers.

Call Us Back: Should you encounter any uncertainty about a call, please reach out to us directly on our official numbers:

Customer Service: 1300 747 747
Inbound Number: 02 9582 3200

Scammers will attempt to mislead you and use fear that your account is compromised to in order for you to act quickly and without due diligence.

  • Qudos Bank will never ask a customer to transfer money or withdraw money to keep it safe
  • Qudos Bank will never ask you to download remote access programs to your device
  • Qudos Bank will never ask for your internet banking password. Never share your password or change it to one that has been supplied to you by a third party

Fund Transfer Safety: Be cautious of any request asking you to authorise a transfer of funds to another account in the name of safeguarding your funds. Qudos Bank will never make such a request.

Your security is our top priority, and we appreciate your diligence in ensuring the authenticity of communication.

If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to contact our customer service team.

Thank you for your continued trust in Qudos Bank.


Published, Tuesday 19 December 2023